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Engage. Educate. Empower. Discover Culture Gem's Multi-Award-Winning Cybersecurity Training.

Transforming Cybersecurity Awareness with Precision, Passion, and Proven Success

In a rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape where threats emerge daily, mere compliance is no longer sufficient. Culture Gem, a beacon of innovation in cybersecurity training, not only stands as a finalist in the prestigious 2024 Cyber Outstanding Security Performance Awards (Cyber OSPAs) for our Outstanding Cyber Security Training/Awareness Initiative but also proudly boasts victories at The Real Cyber Awards as the Best Cyber Training Provider 2023 and the ISSA UK Pitch on the Ship 2023 Best Product Awards.

Why Choose Culture Gem?

Our accolades speak volumes about our commitment to excellence. Having been recognised across the industry for our innovative approach, including our recent nomination by the Cyber OSPAs amidst a record number of global submissions, Culture Gem is committed to revolutionising how organisations educate, thereby transforming their cybersecurity posture from the ground up.

Innovative eLearning Tailored for Every Learner

Understanding that effective learning cannot adopt a one-size-fits-all approach, Culture Gem's cyber security awareness eLearning system is meticulously designed to meet the unique needs of every individual. By acknowledging the spectrum of neurodiversity and learning preferences within your organisation, our platform offers eight distinct learning styles from Listen & Learn to the immersive escape room-style course, ensuring maximum engagement and knowledge retention.

Beyond Compliance: A Movement Towards Resilient Cybersecurity Culture

Our mission extends beyond the mere ticking of compliance boxes. We aim to foster a culture that understands, values, and implements cybersecurity in every action. Through tailored content that respects sensory differences and attentional challenges, Culture Gem empowers your teams to not only learn but to fully embrace and apply their knowledge, significantly bolstering your organisation's cyber resilience.

Accolades and Testimonials That Speak Volumes

Having been honoured with the Real Cyber Awards Best Cyber Training Provider 2023 and the ISSA UK Pitch on the Ship 2023 Best Product Awards, Culture Gem has proven its excellence and leadership in the field of cybersecurity training. These achievements, alongside endorsements from industry experts, underscore our platform's unique value proposition:

  • "It is SO cool and a game changer!...a platform that caters to everyone's individual learning needs and styles is SO needed." - Lisa Ventura MBE, Cyber Security & Tech Specialist

  • "This product...taps into the core of learning for neuro minds. A product that many don’t know they want, but many need and can benefit from." - Dan Hathaway, Director - Cyber Security Search

  • "We were looking for IT security training that was simple to implement and comprehensive...The combination of all of these requirements plus more...along with the wider content base of Health and Safety, HR, and Diversity and Inclusion at the right price point." - Ian Heathcock, Director and Commercial & Corporate Services, Griffiths Waite

Take the Next Step Towards Cybersecurity Excellence

Discover the Culture Gem difference. Engage with our multi-award-winning platform and see firsthand how we can transform your organisation's approach to cybersecurity. Register for demo access, book a demonstration, or contact us today to begin your journey to a more secure tomorrow.


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