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What People Say About Us

It is SO cool and a game changer! I hope to see it implemented in as many organisations as possible before long.....a platform that caters to everyone's individual learning needs and styles is SO needed

Lisa Ventura MBE

Cyber Security & Tech Specialist

This product really hits the spot in terms of addressing the various learning styles that different individuals utilise to thrive in their learning. Simple, fun and taps into the core of learning for neuro minds.

A product that many don’t know they want, but many need and can benefit from.

Dan Hathaway

Director - Cyber Security Search

We were looking for IT security training that was simple to implement and comprehensive in its content and would help keep Cyber and Information Security front and centre in people's minds during their day-to-day activities. The combination of all of these requirements plus more, the more being choice of learning methods (video, reading, game, etc.) along with the wider content base of Health and Safety, HR, and Diversity and Inclusion at the right price point.

Ian Heathcock

Director | Commercial & Corporate Services 

Griffiths Waite

About Us

Culture Gem was born with a noble mission: to place culture at the very core of security.

Our team comprises seasoned experts in the realms of organisational security culture, leadership, and behaviour change. We possess an intimate understanding of the challenges that your business faces. Our clientele spans the spectrum, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to colossal corporations and even statutory bodies.


Astounded by the gaping holes in the security awareness market, we embarked on a mission to uncover the areas where Cyber leaders were being shamefully neglected. Our ultimate aim was to eradicate these pain points once and for all.

It became glaringly apparent that organisations were grappling with the arduous task of delivering mandatory compliance training effectively. They were compelled to purchase multiple solutions, resulting in bewildered staff and exorbitant costs. This realisation birthed the ingenious concept of consolidating all compliance training in one convenient location.

Determined to tackle this predicament head-on, we assembled the remarkable Culture Gem eLearning team. What sets us apart is that each member of our team is 100% neurodivergent, possessing their own unique learning difficulties and challenges. This revelation led us to the undeniable conclusion that we couldn't possibly be the only exceptionally talented team needing something beyond the ordinary.

Collaborating with our in-house compliance and industry researchers, who have traversed diverse paths in their previous lives as hospitality managers, warehouse workers, electricians, retail staff, health and social care workers, and more, we harnessed their invaluable lived experiences. Our researchers bring forth genuine insights, untainted by mere conjecture or biased assumptions.

Drawing from this wealth of knowledge, we meticulously crafted the exceptional range of learning styles that we proudly offer to you today.

The Culture Gem eLearning is a compliance training solution like no other. Created by individuals who have faced learning challenges themselves, this innovative platform addresses the attentional and learning issues that many people like them encounter. But that's not all - it goes beyond that, offering you a profound understanding of your workforce's needs.

Imagine gaining insight into the way your employees absorb knowledge. With Culture Gem eLearning, you can identify the colours that resonate best with their learning styles and understand how their brains process information. This unprecedented approach allows your staff to truly comprehend how they learn, empowering them to actively engage in compliance training without limitations.

And the feedback? It's not just positive; it's mind-blowing. A resounding 100% of learners say "that's so cool!"

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Best Cyber Training Provider 2023

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