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Where Security Awareness and Compliance meets Convenience, Inclusivity, and Choice.

Culture Gem offers a fully accessible eLearning tool that consolidates all your security awareness and compliance needs into one intuitive platform. Say goodbye to multiple licenses and hello to a world where every team member can learn in the way that suits them best, without ever having to request adjustments.

Simplify. Engage. Thrive.

Our platform simplifies your compliance training by putting 18 essential courses at your fingertips. With Culture Gem, managers gain insights into team communication styles, while staff enjoy the freedom to select their learning mode — video, reading, or games — in their preferred colours. It's learning tailored to every individual, making education not just accessible, but genuinely engaging.

  • Reduced Costs, Reduced Complexity:

    • Consolidate all your compliance training with one solution, cutting down on licensing fees and administrative hassles.

  • Inclusive Learning:

    • Our tool is designed for everyone, eliminating the need for workplace adjustments and allowing staff to set and save their learning preferences discreetly.

  • Real Results:

    • From IT security to Diversity and Inclusion, our comprehensive content keeps critical topics front and center in your team's daily activities, tailored to how they learn best.

Ready to Transform Your Compliance Training?

Discover the difference with Culture Gem. Sign up for a demo account, book a personal demo, or contact us today to learn how we can tailor a solution that fits your organisation's unique needs.

What People Say About Us

It is SO cool and a game changer! I hope to see it implemented in as many organisations as possible before long.....a platform that caters to everyone's individual learning needs and styles is SO needed

Lisa Ventura MBE

Cyber Security & Tech Specialist

This product really hits the spot in terms of addressing the various learning styles that different individuals utilise to thrive in their learning. Simple, fun and taps into the core of learning for neuro minds.

A product that many don’t know they want, but many need and can benefit from.

Dan Hathaway

Director - Cyber Security Search

We were looking for IT security training that was simple to implement and comprehensive in its content and would help keep Cyber and Information Security front and centre in people's minds during their day-to-day activities. The combination of all of these requirements plus more, the more being choice of learning methods (video, reading, game, etc.) along with the wider content base of Health and Safety, HR, and Diversity and Inclusion at the right price point.

Ian Heathcock

Director | Commercial & Corporate Services 

Griffiths Waite

Industry Recognition

Best Cyber Training Provider 2023

The Real Cyber Awards

Best Product 2023

ISSA UK Pitch on the Ship

Outstanding Cyber Security Training/ Awareness Initiative

2024 Cyber Outstanding Security Performance Awards finalist
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