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Culture Gem tailors e-learning to the way people want to learn

Culture Gem, which focuses on integrating culture into security and compliance, is launching a new bespoke e-learning solution enabling people to decide how they best learn and digest information.

The new courses go against the traditional attitude, which relies on management and Learning & Development teams choosing learning products they think will work for their staff.

Culture Gem specialises in cyber and information security awareness, behaviour change learning activities and strategy development. This latest suite of e-learning solutions brings a variety of different tools to security awareness training, from purely text-based learning, video, an escape room style experience and even an arcade-style battle, in the colours most commonly used by those with visual stress disorders, such as dyslexia.

As Founder Jemma Davis explains: “Our latest e-learning offering is the next step in recognising that people all learn differently. We design learning experiences that play to their strengths and optimise their opportunity to shine, and our latest product is designed to help people approach learning in the way they feel most comfortable.”Neurodiversity is a core element of Culture Gem’s learner-centric approach, based on the knowledge that all brains are different and that people experience, interact with and interpret the world in unique ways.

Developed by a team of experts, the variety of ways to learn includes an “escape room” style e-course, where learners must navigate clues which provide the information they need to demonstrate their learning during a quiz, and “Breaking News”, where a TV news reporter broadcasts the headlines and relevant hot topics, allowing learners to retain the key information needed to demonstrate their learning.

There’s the chance to learn by listening to podcasts, and perhaps the most fun learning experience is ‘Culture Warrior’, an arcade-style course which provides the crucial learning material needed to help learners secure special moves needed to win an on-screen battle.A key point in Culture Gem’s current e-learning stance is that it offers more than simply security awareness training, it teaches cultural and behavioural change too.Each course is tailored to people’s roles, and relevant to their day-to-day responsibilities. Courses offered include anti-bullying and harassment, data backup, equality, diversity, and inclusion, fire safety, data protection (GDPR), freedom of information, health and safety and information security, to name a few.

Use of the dynamic e-learning system starts at a basic fee of £25 per user, delivering access to Culture Gems’ Learning Management System, with more than 120 courses available, each offered in eight different learning styles, and 11 colour options.


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